New Additions

Fall is starting off with a couple of new additions. First there was Tee. A nice little off the track thoroughbred that has a new life as a pleasure horse.cal1
Then yesterday 2 white Percheron came to join the herd.
Bonnie and Babe
They went out today for a little while but didn’t meet the pasture boss Gypsy yet. The meeting is scheduled for 7am tomorrow morning.

My sister drew a picture showing our bench down in the apple orchard. What a wonderful job, I think we may be looking at our new label design.
It’s too late for the maple syrup jars for 2014 but maybe next year.
2d card

Kickstarter Sugar Shack

I learned about this website called that basically lets you ask for funding from your average Joe to get a project started.

After reading about it I started my own project for the sugar shack we are going to build this fall.

Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup

If someone makes a pledge I in return pledge that they get fresh Maine maple syrup in the spring. I thought it was Kind of a neat idea-

For a look at my project page- Sugar Shack

Cow Out

Funny how you know the instant you hear someone at your door at 6am…”Ahh I think you have a cow out”. “Thank you”, I reply as I scratch around the floor for my socks and boots before I fly down the road in my truck. 150 acres and they choose to run down the road when they get out, what’s up with that?

Ended up only being Bob, he’s such a bad boy :( I was able to hitch him to the truck and run him back up to the house without any trouble. Bad bad boy


Rainy Day Project

Finished up a project in the garage on this rainy day. Karin’s herb/flower bed. Doesn’t quite look as good as the one I saw online but it should work.


Ready for planting.

They’re Here on the Farm

Although I saw one last weekend over at Nanna’s and Papa’s it wasn’t until this morning I’ve seen one here this year-hummingbird. Yeah, what timing as I just filled and placed their feeder back out on the porch for the season.

From what I read these little buggers do migrate a great distance to get here. They come mainly from Central America or Mexico. I’m honored they choose to stop in at the East Mosquitoville Farm.