Finally looks as if the weather is going to be cooperative in regard to being favorable for the sap to run. The maples did run for a few days last week before the weather turned brutally cold. Once again, the wind howled out of the South, which is fairly unusual for this part of the country. One would think that a wind coming from the south would usher in warm temperatures, but it was not so.

This short video shows what a strong wind from the south can do to buildings not built with that wind direction in mind.

Also worth noting is that this was taken back in December. Notice anything missing? Snow, Maine should have snow in December.

Fortunately, the storm that came through over the last few days didn’t cause as much damage as unpleasant as it was.

According to MSN weather for at least the next 10 days should be favorable for the sap to run. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that whatever hellish storm is currently thrashing the Sierra Mountain range in California, dumping up to 12 feet of snow and with wind gusts to 140 mph floats on through and is exhausted and empty by the time it gets to Maine.

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