It all starts small

Growth of any kind begins small. I have to believe that small deliberate steps will eventually get you where you need to be.
 This tree has begun life beneath a huge pine tree, you have only to look up to see what is possible. In the same way that is somewhat what I do looking towards my wife. Although much smaller than I, I can see her small deliberate steps she takes daily has begun to alter the course of her life, and congruently mine.

Something to try:

Box Breathing with Mark Divine

the idea

I am certainly new to the idea, let alone the practice of visualization and have only tried it for the last handful of weeks but I can see where it can be useful.
Visualizing goals isn’t new- Navy Seals, athletes and many business leaders currently employ techniques to keep them focused and mindful so there must be something here.
 The first fear that I need to get over is the fear of failing or of looking or sounding silly. At the ripe old age of 57-I gadda let that go and try whatever new thing I feel is right for me.

 The idea came while talking with Karin about ‘what we wanted the rest of our lives to look like’.  When asked how do you visualize retirement. I honestly had no idea. I’ve never tried to visualize anything.
We began talking about wanting to live more deliberately- I had no idea what that really meant either.  To be honest I have very seldom, if ever done anything deliberately; for good or for bad.

with that I am off

So with all that in mind I have setoff to catch up to Karin on her journey. I am trying to visualize my retirement, how I want the farm to look, how I want to interact with the world. Looking to set personal goals and take positive steps to achieve those goals.
 I would ask that anyone reading this step out of their box, (assuming you are in a box) and try to visualize your life’s journey and your goals.  
           Small steps, daily small steps is what we need.


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