• Remember to fill your cup
  • Relax
  • Think of where you want to go
  • Take a single step forward 

Go to your Happy Place

It was told to me recently that everyone must remember to fill their cup with what makes them happy. For me I guess that means being in the woods. Being on the bike in the woods is a bonus. 
 I had the chance to practice some of what I’ve been recently reading and listening about- box breathing and visualization. I’d say I had some success – it’s speculative at this point but let us give it the benefit of the doubt, shall we?.


  1.  After reaching the bench on my bike I took a moment to practice some box breathing, relaxing and say my mantra. A mantra from what I can tell is different for everyone. Mine is: I’m a happy creative person.  After I took a scenic ride through the rain back home and resumed my day of barn chores, helping with the cooking and family. Not bad right?
  2. Sleeping has always been hit or miss. For years and years I’d lay quietly in bed waiting for Karin to fall asleep before stealing away for a night of wandering the house, cat naps and TV. 
     Lately it has been better. I fall asleep and usually wake up a few times during the night and feel totally awake, (at 1:30am) but now rather than get frustrated and get out of bed, I lie there and breath-take notice of my breath, take notice of the weight of my body in the bed and as silly as it sounds try and visualize the rhythm of the room and house.
     Seems to work- next thing I know it’s 4:25 am .


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