An Intrinsic Love for life

Capturing Magic in everyday life

Karin and I purchased the farm in the spring of 2011. We made the trek across town from the original East Mosquitoville on Hart St in the neighboring town of East Newport. 
 We were very fortunate to have raised our 3 kids mostly here on the farm and now enjoy a quieter aspect of the farm.

We’ve raised babies of all varieties, hosted weddings in the orchard, hiked, snowshoed, biked and worked the land. 
 Looking towards the future Karin and I hope to concentrate more on art, our love of nature and our trails on the property. 

Karin and I hope to be able to have others enjoy
this land and share our love. Whether it’s online or you’re 
able to physically come out we hope to bring you some joy and peace.

The Photographer

She has the Artistic Eye

This is Karin my partner in crime and life doing what she loves-photography. 
 Once time permits, I hope to post her gallery.

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