Warm Bread 

There is something very basic and fulfilling about making bread. Breadmaking started out as a way to use the copious amounts of oatmeal that I had on hand but has turned into a staple.

Artisian Bread

A simple bread baked in the dutch oven to make a hard outer shell but a soft inside. Home grown basil and a few
sesame seeds sprinkled on top.


Oatmeal Molasses

This one has been hard to stop making because it’s so good. Slices beautifully making wonderful sandwich bread.


Surprising friends with fresh bread is a hoot and is something that almost everyone will enjoy. I also like that I make it without a lot of additives that commercial 
bread contains. For many loaves I use maple syrup that I made here on the farm – that also feels good.


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Susan Burgess
Susan Burgess
1 month ago

Impressive, Marc! Well done!

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