Uplifting Chore.

Fall. is without a doubt the best season here in Maine.
Although it comes each year with a list of chores that need to be done and a deadline-winter.

Cool afternoon with a fairly constant breeze, which makes it a perfect afternoon for splitting firewood. Rip lays and watches in the grass just out of reach of the occasional piece of flying firewood. Once again Rip has the better end of the deal and takes to his duties like a duck to water.

chopped wood close up firewood log
Rip’s Happy Face

The only gripe I have, okay I have a list of gripes but the only one pertaining to fall really is that no sooner do the leaves change colors the wind and rain comes way to soon and takes them all down.

  • Firewood split
  • Next Years firewood cut.
  • Plant Garlic
  • Get Equipment under cover
  • Re-do my sap lines
  • Rake the leaves off my trails
  • Rent a lift and fix flashing around the chimney
  • Clean the woodstove
    and chimney.
  • Studded tires on

That seems very doable almost to doable. I must have forgotten a lot. I’m sure I have missed a lot, but the point is: You’d be hard to find better weather to be out noodling around the yard than fall time in Maine.

Hunting doesn’t make my list, but I know for many it is what defines fall for them. I raise beef so that is a year-round chore for me. Either way hunting or domestic beef the feeling of getting ready for ole-man winter and satisfaction of being prepared is the same. A hot bowl of stew of any kind is always welcome when the frost comes to the pumpkin patch.

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