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Watching a couple of groundhogs setup housekeeping.

While on my morning outing movement caught my eye along the stonewall. I went over to investigate and couldn’t find anything but little footprints in the mud and a partially collapsed entrance hole.

I am always looking for new and interesting things to point my game camera at, so I skittled down to a camera I had setup at a porcupine den and moved to the new location. Not that groundhogs are anymore or less interesting than porcupines, but I have been watching the porcupines for a while now and I also have a second camera setup at a different porcupine den. It would seem I have a host of cute destructive ground squirrel/weasel type critters living around the farm.
I assume that these two just woke up from their hibernation and are planning a family. I’m not 100 percent thrilled with the idea of holes in the field but watching baby groundhogs come out of their den might be worth a little inconvenience.
Anyone wanting to know more about Mr.Chuck can click here

The first SD card had a short clip showing a skunk paying the den a visit and I thought the worst had happened. Or at least the worst as far as the groundhogs go. I try to remember every critter out there want to survive and me potentially favoring one over the other doesn’t make one more important than the next. The skunk visit was at night and the game camera only had that one clip of the skunk entering-nothing showing the skunk leaving. A cliffhanger fer shere. As luck would have it later that next morning a new video showed Mr. and Mrs Chuck lumbering out of the den.

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