UPDATE***************I have 10 more chicks available.
Thanks again.
I’m looking to get a handle on who, if anybody, will want broilers from me this year. The first batch of Cornish cross should be ready by the end of May to the first week in June. I will only have a limited number this year, first come first serve. Enviromental factors will have the final say about what the final number will be. Last year I fed the local fox population which ended up lowering everyone’s count. I’m hoping to do a little better job this year monitoring the flock.

Price will be 3.50 a pound plus processing. If you prefer to process your own, feel free to pick up live birds. I realize that farm raised chickens cost more than Wal*Mart but believe me when I say “aint nobody getting rich at $3.50 a pound”. I have no idea how the big chains do it. If I can drop the price later I will, totally depends on feed costs at this point. I don’t want to start too low.

I also plan on processing a few myself perhaps we can work a deal if you are willing to get a little messy.

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