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Perfect Tapping Day

Quick tapping update- I've been a little preoccupied with not so fun stuff the last week and a half so I haven't gotten everything I had hoped to accomplish done. Admittedly some of it is plain ole procrastinating.
After walking around looking at the tapping gear for a couple of days I found the energy to begin. The first two days were spent trying to decide if I should boil down near the house or up in the pole barn. Each has it's benefits and the equipment is half berried in each, which means a bunch of lugging either way. I have chosen down by the house. Mostly because that's were the running water is and it's closer to the house so I'm not running back and forth to the pole barn in the dark on ice to check the boil.

The tree line to the East is complete and hope to begin tapping the trees behind the pole barn tomorrow. That will be a little tougher than the tapping I did today because my bovine farm companions decided to take all the pipelines down last fall. To add to that 'past me' didn't give a hoot about "future me' and just coiled up the lines and left them on the ground which means frozen into the ice and covered in snow. Ahh fun times..

Here are a couple of videos of todays tapping.


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