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Been thinking about what a homesteader is. I never thought of myself and family in that way but the more I thought about it I guess we are a "homesteader" of sorts. Not the pioneering type, although as a homesteader you are by nature always exploring and trying to find new ways to accomplish all that needs to be done.
I think of us as Modern Day Homesteaders. Yes, we go to the stores and have "regular jobs" but that is not who we are and all that we do. As modern day homesteaders we tend to rely on our selves and harvest what we can from the earth. Strive to live sustainably and comfortably from the natural world around us sums it up for me.
There is a sense of delight and satisfaction from preparing and cooking meals mostly from food either raised or gathered here on the farm.
I'd say most of my neighbors are modern day homesteaders as well. Whatever you call us, country folk, farmers or homesteaders we rely on one another but at the same time are fiercely independent and self sufficient.

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