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Chaga is a fungus or mushroom that grows on the side of trees, especially birch trees. Chaga can be seen as a woody growth on the side of the tree as a bump or conk.

Typically chaga is consumed as a tea or a food additive with the belief that it may stimulate the immune system and contains antioxidants. There are dozens of claimed healthy effects like lower blood sugar, respiratory health, cholesterol levels, diabetes and deter cancer. The list is extensive and some although not scientifically proven have a solid following.

Hippie I may be but chaga has actually been consumed for centuries and I have had no ill effects from drinking the tea that I am aware of. I take zero medications and overall I'm healthy- chaga? Probably not just chaga but it doesn't seem to hurt and I like the tea.

The main reason I started sipping chaga tea years ago was because I was having some digestive issues, which I no longer have. Also, I was trying to ween myself off of the coffee train. Chaga is a natural adaptogen- meaning it's a natural way to boost energy and stamina. I still drink coffee in the morning but have tailed off the afternoon and evening mugs.


The one thing that I can say for sure is that going out in the winter on snowshoes and collecting chaga I get my exercise. So for that reason alone, I'm in. I was able to collect quite a stock pile for anyone interested in trying it. I sealed dryed chunks into 3oz mylar bags to keep it fresh and died. I put a few dollars on it to pay for the bags and some time.

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