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Mental Maple Doodling

I sit sipping chaga tea that was made on the same early 1920s wood cookstove that is now welcoming me into the house. Dogs snore, crows caw and a cold October rain lands steadily on the metal roof, I am happy to be in this house
The house, a well lived in home, both a relic of the past and brimming with heartwarming dreams of country life to be. The house is well rooted into the soil. Generations of toiling farmers have spent entire lives almost within sight of this house. To ever be thought of as a part of that wonderful, I want to say American legacy but that is too small. The legacy of a farmer, a true farmer, a person of the land is more universal than that. This house still stands in monument to the farmers past I am but the caretaker.

Still dusty from working in the barn the thought of maple syrup popped into my mind. Why? Who knows! I guess it could be because as October hastily gives way to the oncoming November, there is nothing much to look forward to other than snowshoe. Snowshoeing at its worst can be a painful reminder of how old you have become and wonderment as to how can something be so close but yet so far away. So, maple season thoughts go pop!


The thoughts don't go directly to the actual work involved in making the syrup. No, the thoughts go to maple sugar shacks- worn hand tools adorning the rough-cut wooden walls, old wooden chairs for the old folk to set a spell as the steam rises heavily into the rafters. That's what I like, the picturesque idea of maple syrup making.

Reality is beginning to creep into the inner sanctum of my mind-bastard. Oh well, I have to actually acknowledge there are physical things that I need to get accomplished before the snow flies. Like acknowledging that my beloved bovine pets have taken all the tubing down that was strung in the trees behind the pole barn. "I know it was you Daisey".
Perhaps I can salvage most of it. Cleaning?
I also need to walk the line down towards the orchard and take stock of the situation that line is in. Take count of the number of ends that rodents have nibbled on during the summer.
Then there is the whole "filtering" issue that pops in to my mind. We gadda do a better job filtering. Period. Lets start a list of things I'd like to get done.

  • Pickup tubing behind the pole barn
  • Inspect line towards orchard.
  • Clean up evaporator
  • Give thought as to how to make evaporator more efficient.
  • Keep an eye out for someone selling a filter system.
  • Call about 55 gallon drum
  • Make a stand for sale also used for vegies.
  • Get a case of quart jars
  • Buy more tubing

I'll add to that list as things come to mind this post has kind of gone off the rails. Not a word was written about wishing for a true arch and pan.

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